Last weekend in preparation for our travels we thought we would give camping a go! yahhhhhhooooo!

Eva was a lot more keen on this idea than I was; however, it would give us an opportunity to try out some of the equipment we have bought for our trip.

Eva fancied Norfolk and I found Pinewoods camp-site/holiday park at Wells next the sea.

We rocked up on Friday at about mid day, and other than being a little windy the weather was awesome.

Tent took a little longer to put up than we had hoped due to the wind, and Eva almost gave up in a rage and threatened to check us into a caravan.

It was gale force 9 winds…… practically! and every attempt to put the tent up left me being dragged across the field tangled in the guide ropes.

Wells beach is beautiful, goes on for miles and has sand dunes…. I love sand dunes.

LOVES sand dunes… had to spend an hour watching him flap up and down the dunes trying to fly I think- Brilliant.

After the beach we headed into wells for fish and chips before returning to the tent for some beers and our first nights sleep in our new sleeping bags. I think we made a good choice with these as the temperature really dropped at night, but the mummy shaped bags were really comfy and although odd to get used to in terms of being so restricting they were really warm.

The sleeping bags are great but if needing to run away from a Dingo or if a Scorpion gets in to it then there may be problems.

BBQ for breakfast and a cup of tea boiled up in a saucepan is a great way to start the day and gave us plenty of fuel for our 7 mile hike along the beach.

After lunch we thought we would take a drive east to Cromer and to be honest were a little disappointed. To make up for this we drove back to Wells along the coast road stopping at every beach along the way to take pictures.

Second night in the tent was a lot better than the first as there was less wind and we had now worked out how to get comfortable in our sleeping bags.

Sunday morning gave us a last opportunity to spend time on the beach before heading back into wells and then home.