On our drive to Chivay through the highlands of Peru we traveled through some amazing scenery and saw wild animals such as Vicuna’s , Alpaca’s and Lama’s.

The Vicuna’s wool comes in second place behind cashmere for its quality of fiber.

On this journey we hit the highest altitude we would experience on our trip. To help try and combat altitude sickness before we got all the way to 4900m above sea level we stopped at a roadside cafe for some coca tea.

Coca tea, chewing coca leaves and eating coca based candies are all supposed to help with the effects of altitude, starve off hunger and give you a boost in energy. The coca leaf contains 14 alkaloids one of which is used to produce cocaine.

Very shortly after visiting the highest point (note: Higher than any mountain in Europe) Eva discovered I suffered from altitude sickness. To recover from this asap the guide made me inhale copias amounts of a ‘herbal’ altitude remedy and had lie down on the bus with my legs raised (this was especially delightful for everyone as she was wearing a skirt)