Cody is what I would describe as a proper Cowboy town. It is lovingly referred to as the Rodeo Capital of the World, is home to Buffalo Bill’s Center of the West Museum complex and Old Trail Town.

Old Trail Town is a great place to stop as you pass through. It looks fairly unassuming from the road, just a row of wooden cabins much like you have seen at wild west attractions all over the place…. However, this place is the real deal. These are actual historic cabins that have been moved from all over the wild west to one convenient location.

You have the home or Curly, Custers Indian Scout from the Battle of Little Big Horn and The Rivers Saloon often frequented by Butch Cassidy to name just a couple of the attractions.

Buffalo Bill’s Museum is also mighty impressive and well worth spending an afternoon at learning how Buffalo Bill became the most famous man in the world and the lives of the stars of his show like Annie Oakley.