One feature of the the Yucatan peninsula is the cenotes (sink holes) that have formed in the soft lime stone rock over thousands of years. Many of these hidden cenotes have amazing pools of water inside that are ideal for swimming in.

We decided to head over to Cuzama to visit 3 cenotes. The great hing about this trip is that the cenotes are only accessible by truck. A truck is a small train carrage pulled by a horse and the same system that used to be employed on the banana plantations to ferry workers and bananas around.

The trucks took us 7km into the forest where we came across the first cenote. It was not what we were expecting, a small hole at the foot of a tree. We were given a flash light and told to climb down in a cave below. We then has a short walk over some rock formations to a small pool of water. Nobody fancied swimming here and there was no natural light so we headed back to the surface and back to the truck to get to the next cenote.

The second cenote was fantastic, after climbing down a ladder through a small hole in the earths surface we found what we had been looking for…. an amazing underground swimming hole.

Cenote 3 was much the same, we really enjoyed this trip and would recommend it.