As you probably know Eva & I are always up for an adventure. So we decide to hop on the R2 bus, destination ‘down-town Cancun’ wanting a taste of the real Mexico.

This was going really well till the bus driver told us to get off at the wrong stop – which we quickly realised after the bus had driven off! Thus entailed a 45 min ‘Eva freaking out’ walk through hot hot hot Cancun – we certainly got to see the real side of the town.

We finally got to Market 28 and found a cafe/bar to grab a drink in… after some local musical entertainment we were feeling much refreshed and enjoyed mooching around the market

In the evening we headed out to a great local restaurant for a big meal. Eva got to try Mole (not the animal) It is a weird chocolaty/spiced sauce. Glad we got to sample it before having our chicken covered in it