Mount Emei (Emeishan) is one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains of China and is regarded as a place of enlightenment.

It s home to the first Buddhist temples in China and there are over 70 monasteries on the mountain. These are connected by a hike-able path, in reality it is more of a staircase system that allows you to walk to the different temples from the bottom of the mountain to the top.

We decided to take the bus and cable car to the top and then walk all the way down the mountain (about 32km). We thought this should be fine as it would be a nice downhill walk… We were wrong. It is a downhill walk but essentially it is walking down a staircase for 32km… this after a while gets really painful on the legs as the lactic acid sets in and they turn to jelly. We managed to make it all the way down in 7.5 hours but were completely broken by the end of it. We could have split the journey up and stayed in a monastery for the night but the weather was not great, we were in a cloud all day, and the forecast was the same for the next day so we thought we would just power on to the bottom.

The view from the top is supposed to be amazing on a clear day, blue skies and a sea of fluffy white cloud below you, sadly for us we were in cloud and rain and could not see too much.

On the way down we encountered the mountains famous monkeys. These are quite aggressive as they are often tormented by the Chinese tourists, we saw this first hand and as a result they can and do attack people walking past. Luckily we took a bamboo walking pole with us to fight back just in case!