We decided to get out of the city and in to the pampas to see and learn a little bit more about the Gaucho (Argentinian Cowboy) way of life.

We headed to the Don Silviano ranch about 80km north of Buenos Aires. It is a bit of a tourist trap but offered us the chance to ride some horses, have some dinner and wine while watching some tango dancing and a demonstration of Gaucho horse riding skills.

Horse riding is not really my thing, but Eva told me it would make a good photo so I had to give it a go. My horse was a little crazy, as soon as I got on he took off round the paddock, running into all the other horses and riders! By the time the ride finished I was pleased to get off and head to the BBQ dinner.

Bill got the ‘dud’ horse – the one that is a a little ‘poco loco’ it kept bolting off and going round is circles. I have not included many of the photos of Bills terror instead have made it look like he belongs on a horse. Later on in the day his relationship with horses led to him having to kiss one out of Gaucho¬†tradition. All in all was a great day with much food, wine, dancing and merriment.