For our first experience of the Everglades we decided to take a boat trip out of the national park at Everglades City.

On our way to the national park we stopped off at the Skunk Ape Headquarters to learn a little bit about the hunt to find the Everglades equivalent of Big Foot… very strange place.

Americas smallest operational post office, nothing more than a little shed on the side of the road.

Finally we climbed a tower for a 360 degree view before finally boarding our boat. We chose a regular boat ride over the traditional air-boat ride for a couple of reasons. 1) our choice was a 2 hour journey through a few different environments / habitats and 2. Air-Boats are not allowed in the national park region of the Everglades as they are too damaging to the environment.

The boat trip was really good, we got to see a couple of alligators in the mangroves.