Fes is the third largest city in Morocco and is famed for having the biggest medieval medina in the world.

This was our first real chance to experience life in a medina and was something we enjoyed very much.

Our Tour started with a visit to the Royal Palace of Fez (Dar el Makhzen). Here we got to check out the massive and ornate brass doors with intricate Mosaic work surrounds.

We then travelled to a Mosaic co-operative where we got to see first hand the process of producing mosaic work. From the hand cutting of tiles to the intricate process of assembling the pattern upside down, not knowing if you have made a mistake until the cement is set and the work turned over!

We then drove to a fort on the outskirts of Fes to get a panoramic view and marvel as the shear size of the place.

Finally we entered the Medina through Bab Bou Jeloud (the Blue Gate) and were given a guided tour ending up at one of the famous tanneries to see the process of treating and colouring leather.

Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and gave us a great orientation of the medina so that hopefully we would not get too lost the following day when we got to explore this fascinating place by ourselves.

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