Day 2 in Fes was a free day for us to explore as we wished

We spent the day taking in the shops of the medina at our own pace and went to visit a second Tannery in better light to get some more photos. These are amazing places to visit even if the smell is pretty unpleasant. This time we were given sprigs of mint to hold under our noses to help freshen the air.

the reason for the fowl stench is the first part of the leather treating process involves soaking the animal skins in a toxic liquid mostly made up of pigeon poop.

As with any visit to a Tannery after taking in the view you have the opportunity to view, barter for and buy a wide range of leather goods… Eva held her nerve and managed to secure a great bargain on a bag.

In the evening the group all met back up and went out for dinner.

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