Back in November we booked our round the world ticket with BA/Qantas. However at the time it was not possible to book the exact dates we wanted so we just booked the destinations.

Today we went back to STA Travel to finalise all our flight dates; luckily we were able to get the dates we wanted.

Quite excited now as this means we can start booking the rest of the trip… woohoo

Our flight path

London –> Cancun, Mexico
Cancun, Mexico –> Lima, Peru (via Miami)
Santiago, Chile –> Auckland, New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand –> Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, Australia –> Perth, Australia
Perth, Australia –> Alice Springs, Australia
Alice Springs, Australia –> Cairns, Australia
Sydney, Australia –> Tokyo, Japan   (now changed to Bangkok, due to the devastation in Japan)
Bangkok, Thailand –> London