Next stop the Florida Keys.

This is a collection of photos from our drive from Key Largo to Key West. After a night camping in Key Largo in temperatures too hot for a ten we were pleased to be up and on the road to Key West. Along the way we stopped off at anything that sparked our interest.

First up a giant lobster. Glad we stopped here as it gave us our first opportunity to have some Key Lime Pie. Amazingly after a long discussion on how key lime pie should be made we were offered for free a frozen chocolate dipped slice of key lime pie on a stick…. how awesome is that…. it tasted real good.

We also stopped at Duck Key for a little drive around the houses, which we really liked.

There are not too many beaches along the keys, its all about having a waterfront property and a boat, but we managed to find a couple of bits of sand along the way to photograph.