About an hours scooter ride north east of Ubud gets you to the Gunung Kawi Hindu temple. It is a good one to come and visit as the temple is built into the hillsides on either side of a river and features 10 7m high shrines carved into the rock cliff faces.

Finding the place was not straight forward. We were using Google maps to navigate and this did not bring us to the main entrance. Instead we ended up riding through a small village and down a narrow road until we could go no further. We were looking a little lost but the friendly locals confirmed we were in the right place and one offered to show us how to walk to the temple. We took him up on his kind offer and he provided us with sarongs which you must wear to enter the temple. We started walking down a small path and into a wooded area, once through that we were in the rice fields and once past those in the jungle where we had to descend down into the temple complex.

Coming this way you avoid having to pay the entry fee, but we made a donation at the temple and our new friend waited for us while we explored. On the way back we went a different way and got to see a small waterfall.

Once back at our scooters we thanked our guide for taking the time to show us the temple and although he did not ask for anything in return we gave him a good tip.