Thought I would do a little step by step guide for the walk to Lopez Mendes to help my fellow travelers.

The walk starts at the far end of the Abraao beach (to the right side of the beach-if looking at the sea). You know you are one the right side as you’ll see the boat with all the flags.

At the end of the beach there is a sign for the T10 leg of the walk. Following this route will take you to the last beach at Pouso before you get to Lopez Mendes. It will take approx. 2hrs to this point.

The first part of the walk is the toughest but after 30 mins of up hill you will be met with great views back over the bay of Abraao and its worth the hike. Continue on for another 30 mins and you will hit the first beach Praia de Palmas. Make sure you turn off on to the beach and walk to the other end.

Just before you reach the end of the beach you will see a sign to the right pointing up a very steep rock – this is leg 2 of the walk. This section will take about 45 mins and is easier than the 1st part.

Cross the wooden bridge and you are on to the 2nd beach Praia de Mangues. Walk to the end of this beach and you will have a 5 min walk to the next beach at Pouso which is you last stop before Lopez Mendes.

At Pouso you can get a taxi boat to Abraao. The boats from Abraao drop you here, this is the most touristy point of the walk as a lot of people get dropped instead of walking.

Once you leave Pouso you will see a sign for T11 it takes 15 mins easy walk to get to Lopez Mendes.

Lopez Mendez is spectacular, the sand is bright white and the beach is so big that it feels deserted. The highlight is the waves and the crystal clear waters.

After a few hows at the beach we decided to walk back – route in reverse.