Kaikoura is the place to go whale watching in New Zealand and therefore was a must on our itinerary.

The day we arrived in Kaikoura we were booked onto the 3.30pm voyage, however due to rough seas and high winds the trip was cancelled. We re-scheduled for 9am the following morning in the hope the weather would settle down.

Arriving at the station we were told the boat was going out but with a severe sea sickness warning, we though it was worth the risk so got on board.

This is what we were hoping to see, Sperm and possibly humpback whales.

Unfortunately our photos do not really show how rough the sea was. It was so rough that I filled a couple of sick bags, along with half the other people on the boat… not pleasant at all. The only plus side was the refund for not seeing a whale on the tour… lol