Our final destination in India was a two night home-stay on the beautiful Kerala Backwaters. What a way to finish, this place is amazing, so relaxing and laid-back. Next time we visit here I think we will have to stay on one of the many house boats that cruise around the waterways. Traditionally these house boats were grain barges for transporting rice before they were converted.

Our host family were very nice and showed us around their island village taking the time to explain how the traditional boats are manufactured and through the rice fields. The wooden planks that make up the boats are uniquely stitched together with rope which is then covered/soaked in fish oil to keep the water out.

The Kerala Backwaters are a network of rivers, canals and lakes sometimes compared to an American Bayou. The water is a mix of fresh and sea water. A barrage has been built to stop the salt water of the sea entering the backwaters so that the fresh water can be used for irrigation. However at lease once a year the barrage opens to flush our the water and this helps remove and pollution that has built up over time.