From Puno we went to explore Lake Titicaca, the highest freshwater lake in the world and also the biggest lake i have ever seen (the largest in South America) in my life. You could easily mistake Lake Titicaca for a sea, standing on the shore it is a vast beautifully blue scene of water as far as the eye can see.

We set off from our hotel in pedal powered tuctuc’s (The Peruvian Limousine), Racing down the hill to the harbor weaving in and out of traffic to get to the Jetty where we would board our private boat to Taquile Island.

Some of our group were brave enough to dive into the lake for a swim, but as it was less than 10 degrees we decided to give it a miss.

After walking round Taquile Island and stopping for lunch we jumped back on the boat and headed for the Chucuito Peninsula where we would meet the local people we would be staying with for the night.

We were welcomed by the town band and led in a procession to the school football pitch where we played against the local lads. They won the game, only just, it should have been more and i am still amazed we managed to play at all considering the altitude, talk about hard work running.

After the game we were introduced to our host families and given the local costumes to dress up in and join the town in traditional dance. We looked a little silly but this was good fun. After the dancing it was back to the towns houses for dinner with our hosts and bed.