Mamallapuram is a small rustic seaside town with a very relaxed and laid back attitude. It’s nice to walk through the little streets down to the beach, especially once you get past all the boats and litter where you can enjoy the sand to yourself.

Not sure I would go swimming here although a few people were!

In and around the town there are a good number of sites to go and see including the Shore Temple. This temple sits right on the coast and has hundreds of bull statues. When the last tsunami happened here and the sea retreated it was possible to see some of the temple structures that are normally submerged by the sea.

The other places of interest are many amazing temples and sculptures carved out of solid rocks; that being said my favorite rock was Krishna’s Butter Ball. This impossibly balanced rock has baffled people for hundreds of years. How did it end up where it is? Why has it not fallen over? Our guide even said that once with a team of elephants local people tried to move the rock and failed.