The median in Marrakesh is a fascinating place, a real assault on the senses. Thousands of tight winding streets, so many people, loud music, snake charmers, food stalls and merchants all trying to get your attention.

Our hotel was located in the more modern Guilez part of the city, about a half hour walk from the Medina. On the day we arrived we were given a guided tour of the cities highlights including Mosques, Tombs, Palaces and the Medina.

The next day was ours to explore, a small group of us from our tour decided to walk into the Medina from the hotel. This should have been a pretty simple task however we got a little distracted and took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up getting pretty lost in the Medina. However this is probably the best thing that could have happened. We got to see so many things and explore a lot more than we were planning to. The locals were all really helpful and following their directions we finally made it to the main square and headed to a rooftop cafe so we could take in the sights while relaxing with a coffee.

Having finished our drinks, it was clear sightseeing was over and it was time to get our shop on. Everyone had an idea of something they wanted so we headed back into the Medina to start shopping. Half the fun of buying something in Morocco, is bartering for a fair price. Although this felt odd at first once you get into it you can really get some good deals.