Ometepe is a volcanic island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. Lake Nicaragua is the largest fresh water lake in Central America and the 10th largest in the world. We got the rather small and cramped ferry from the town of Rivers to Ometepe and the journey took about an hour.

Once on the island we drove to our community where we would be staying with local families for the next 2 nights. After a really good group dinner we watched the sun set and drunk rum until late in the night.

Thr following day we took the lazy mans tour of the island including a walk around a lagoon where we got to see monkeys and eat termites…. they taste of carrots… weird. We then got to see some avocado’s and cashew nuts growing while we were looking at examples of native rock carvings. After this we headed to the beach to enjoy a spot of lunch before heading to a natural spring for a swim.

All in all a great time was had on Ometepe.