Our last day in Yogyakarta was spent relaxing and mostly eating, including some amazing ice cream. The girls however did find time to venture out to a silver jewellery making course and Eva came back with a really nice pair of earrings.

In the evening a few of us decided to go to the Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet Show, a strange spectacle that goes on for hours and is accompanied by a traditional orchestra of gong players. The story epic and confusing involved a lot of puppet fighting and loud sword clanging noises. Really 15 minutes of this would have been enough, but we stayed for an hour and were pleased to leave we did, interesting to see, hard to really enjoy!

The following day we start our journey to Tawangmangu via a tour of the Prambanan Hindu Temple. The temple is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Most of the outlying temples still lay in ruins and there is a continuous programme to try and piece as many of them back together as they can although it is a very time consuming process. Originally there were 240 temples in the compound, the main 8 have been fully restored along with 8 smaller shrines in the inner zone and only 2 of the 224 outer temples have been renovated.