Pucon is a small city at the foot of Chile’s most active volcano Villarrica. It is a very popular tourist destination year round and it is possible to partake in pretty much any type of out door activity.

The main activity is attempting to climb the volcano, all 2800 meters of it. So we though we would give this a go. Quite possibly one of the toughest hikes we have every done… 4 hours uphill walking in crampons over ice and snow to the top. Here you get amazing views and a chance to look inside the creator which was releasing clouds of gas. It is worth the pain going up though as getting down is where it is really fun, 1 hour of sliding down the volcano on a small plastic disk…. awesome

We also took time out to relax at the Geometricas hot springs, a series of pools heated by the volcano and connected by a series of walkways through a small valley with a waterfall at the end…. very relaxing.

Bill said fun…FUN… it was absolutely terrifying sliding down the volcano! Half way up I realized how high we were & it dawned on me that I would have to get back down on a sledge. At the point of descent I freaked out as had visions of falling of the edge and the instructor had to taxi me down (definition of taxi- me wrap by legs around him and both slide down hill together). If you have issues with snow – I would not suggest hiking a snow covered volcano ..ha!