Our tour arrived at the coast to the small fishing town of Puerto Lopez. We had 3 full days to unwind and relax here and the whole group was pleased to find our hotel right on the beach.

The town is dirty and dusty but it does have a certain amount of charm about it with a good selection of restaurants and bars along the sea front.

It is also a short boat ride from Isla de la Plata ‘The Poor Man’s Galapagos’. This was a great day trip we got to explore the island to see many species of bird including the Blue Footed Boobie. On the boat ride we also got to see turtles and sailed through a pod of about 100 dolphins who were really playful, jumping out of the sea all around the boat.

The following day we to a trip to Los Frailes beach which is part of the National Park of Machalilla. Really nice beach with good sized waves and warm waters.

I was so happy to see the beach & especially the wooden shacks serving cocktails……Ahhhhh and relax. It started with Beers in a Tuc Tuc racing through the streets of Puerto Lopez and ended with a fabulous Colombian lunch with Vino Tinto. 

Tip! watch out for the crazy crabs that run across the roads and make an appearance while eating your dinner …..aggghhhh run for the hills.