There is so much to do in Tokyo and if you’re like us you want to see everything.

So, here is our quick guide for how to navigate Shibuya and Harajuku, the 2 most energetic districts in Tokyo, and get the most out of your time there.

This is the walking route we took to explore these districts in a single day

Shibuya and Harajuku walking map

Shibuya & Harajuku Highlights

  • See the most famous intersection in the world
  • Youth Culture
  • Lots and lots of Japanese toys
  • LOFT – The best stationery shop ever!
  • Easy to get to by train and walking around is simple

Walking Shibuya & Harajuku

1Head to Shibuya by Metro, immediately outside the station is the Statue of a dog. Hachikō would meet his owner Ueno at Shibuya Station every day after his commute home. One day Ueno died at work! Hachikō continued to wait outside the station for the next 10 years in the hope his owner would return. This is seen as an example of loyalty and fidelity in Japanese culture.

2Shibuya Intersection – see the busiest intersection in the world. Try crossing it multiple times and then head to Starbucks which is on the second floor of one of the buildings immediately overlooking the crossing. Grab a coffee, rest your legs and enjoy the view.

3Just off the main thoroughfare there is a great department store we were told about called LOFT. Stationary Heaven – Japanese note books, stationary, stickers, beauty. All super stylish…you will find anything and everything you could possibly want here at an affordable price.

4Tower records is just down the road from the crossing and provides hours of entertainment listening to all the latest JPop Bands.

5Take a pit stop at Steamer Coffee Company for a pick me up. The coffee is amazing and it’s a cool joint.

6Cat street is next on the route. This is a quiet street full of quirky boutiques and it’s a good way to quickly walk between Shibuya and Harajuku districts.

7Stop at Harajuku Gyoza-roh (Tripadvisor) for some of the best food in the area, beer & gyoza, what more could you want.

8One of the biggest and best toy shops in the area is KiddyLand. Full of popular Japanese characters: Totoro, Gudetama, all the Sanjo characters and loads more.

There are loads of toy/character shops in the area – so have fun – we did.

9Head to the main street in Harajuku “Takeshita street” to check out the Japanese cartoonish style youth culture, browse the cosplay and vintage shops before eating from one of the many amazing creperies.

10Try the hot fresh crisp snack Calbee – the most famous snack brand in Japan.

11Totti Candy Factory is famous for Harajuku’s giant rainbow unicorn candyfloss. No visit to Harajuku would be complete without getting one of these!