Shinjuku is the main entertainment district in Tokyo. This energetic place is full of neon lights, crowds, music and shops where you can party until the early hours. There are a lot of after dark options, attractions and a giant Godzilla.

Shinjuku Highlights

  • Godzilla

  • French toast at Café Aaliya

  • Robot Cabaret

  • The little pubs of Golden Gai

French Toast for breakfast at Café Aaliya

Café Aaliya (Tripadvisor) is famed for its French Toast and boy does it live up to expectations. The flask made coffee is incredible never-mind the thick fluffy French toast.  This is a must! And I can still taste it while writing this article.

Night-time Entertainment

Shinjuku comes alive after hours. Its great just to walk around and absorb the atmosphere. Make sure to look up for Godzilla lurking over the top of the buildings.

Tokyo’s famous Robot Cabaret

If you are looking for something completely bonkers you should go to the Robot Cabaret…. a very loud, neon, overly touristy phenomenon you wont find anywhere else. This is a live show / parade that combines lots of drumming, power ranger type acting, a giant inflatable panda and a dragon… And before the show starts you get to chill out in a lounge, drinking and listening to a live covers band. We had a lot of fun, but its not to everyones taste.

Omoide Yokocho (Memory Lane)

To the west of Shinjuku station you can find Omoide Yokocho (Memory Lane). In the 1940’s this street used to be an illegal drinking quarter, with lots of little yakitori restaurants and bars. Back then there were no toilets and this meant the patrons had to relieve themselves on the nearby train tracks hence why people also know this street as “Piss Alley”.

Nowadays the area is a lovely little historic street where you can enjoy great food, good chat and beers.

Golden Gai (Golden District)

The Golden Gai (Golden District) of Shinjuku is six small alleys full of over 200 tiny bars varying in size from 6 people to 20 people capacity. Each bar has a different theme, speciality drink or karaoke. It’s a really cool place to hang out until the early hours of the morning.

Tips: Most of the bars a welcome for visitors, check to see if they have an English menu or walk in, and if its a regulars-only bar you’ll be told there’s no room. There are so many bars there you will be sure to find a cool place to drink.