Just outside of the town of Leon lies Telica Volcano, one of Nicaragua’s most active.

We opted for the sunset / night hike option as this would give us the best chance of seeing lava in the volcano’s creator.

After a long 4×4 drive we arrived within an hours hike of Telica’s creator. Its from here we started our hike up the volcano. Rather than go straight to the creator we first hiked up and around the volcano to get a prime spot to watch the sunset. An enterprising local followed us up with a cooler full of beer so we could have a drink and watch the sun set. The view was fantastic and you really did feel on top of the world.

Once then sun had gone down out came the flashlights and we hiked up to the creator. The air was thick with sulphur so we could not spend too much time up there but we did get to look in the creator and we did get to see the orange fiery glow of Lava.

This was really amazing. We have wanted to see real live lava for a long time so we were really pleased to get this glimpse. Unfortunately it was really hard to photograph well but there is one photo we took that gives you the idea below.