Tordi Sagar

Our visit to Tordi Sagar

Tordi Sagar is small historic village about 100km (2h drive) from Jaipur city and makes for a pleasant break from the chaos of city life. Life in the village is simple and played out at a much slower pace compared with the cities, the locals are really pleased to see you and you are made to feel really welcome. Travelling down the rural dirt roads of Rajasthan were some of the highlights of our trip to India. Its fascinating to watch local life played out along the way.

Arriving into Tordi Sagar you are instantly struck by the hints of architecture clearly dating back to bygone eras.

We stayed at the Tordi Garh Hotel (Tripadvisor)and would highly recommend staying in this 18th century property. The local food, helpful staff and comfortable traditional rooms make it a great stop over. The Hotel’s website gives a good over view of the local area and its history.

The local area has a lot to offer from: Lakes, Dunes, countryside, friendly villages to explore and the famous step wells dating back to 550 AD.

The best part of our Tordi Sagar visit was meeting the local villagers who are very welcoming. The influx of visitors has helped boost the local economy and the locals are very appreciative of this.

As we explored the area we learnt about the history of the village and the hotel / fort where we were staying. A 16th century village which was formerly governed by a clan, whose direct descendants own the hotel we were staying in.

Our visit to Tordi Sagar was part of G Adventure’s excellent Essential India tour.

What we liked

  • Locals make you feel really wecome

  • Staying in the 18th century fort

  • Camel cart ride to view sunset from the sand dunes

Exploring Tordi Sagar

After settling in at the hotel the owners took us out for a guided tour of the village. These are some photographs we took along the way.

As the sun started to set we took a camel cart ride to the edge of the Aravali range and climbed the sand dunes to get a great viewing spot.

Having hot chai tea and biscuits, sitting watching the sunset over the Rajastan country side was a perfect end to the day.