You can’t come to New Orleans and not notice the presence of Voodoo, from tacky tourist gift shops with big neon signs to actual voodoo temples where the religion is still practiced today.

Voodoo is mysterious and often misrepresented by popular culture and hollywood, so we decided to join a Voodoo tour of New Orleans to learn all about it.

The tour was great, it started in Armstrong Park at Congo Square, a place where Slaves from the 1700s came to congregate and practice their own religion in secret…. the melting pot of slave cultures and religious beliefs all combined to become the type of Voodoo that New Orleans was famous for.

The tour also took us past the house of Marie Laveau’s house, the self proclaimed Voodoo Queen who raised to fame in New Orleans reading and telling peoples fortunes.

We finished up at a small Voodoo temple/museum/shop, good fun and highly recommended.