Arrived cancun @ 2pm, airport was bonkers took ages to get through immigration and customs.

Finally checked into our hotel (Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach), room amazing two big beds sofa area and windows overlooking the pool and sea.

Headed into the main party area of cancun to take look and see what occuring before returning to the hotel for dinner

We shared an awesome kebab of sausage, chicken and filet mignon with baked potato and roasted vegetables. Awesome table outside overlooking the electrical storm at sea while being serenaded by a mariachi band…. pretty sweet ending to the first day of our trip.


Woke early and headed straight to the beach for a swim in the sea followed by dip in the pool.

Breakfast at starbucks because you get free wifi access which is always awesome. Picked up some supplies from a OXXO including the oddest tasting mixed snack bag called Pake-Taxo, wont be buying them again anytime soon lol.

Afternoon spent in the hotel gem spa having an 80 minute hot stone massage. My random choice of gem stone was a Calcita Naranga (because its orange) which apparently means I’m emotional. (brilliant – so bill has just announced to the world this fact because ??!!??) Eva chose a Sodalita which is all about expression (damn right!). This is definitely the best spa we have ever been to, service, facilities and treatments were beyond awesome and I have never felt so relaxed.


Again straight to the beach to catch the early sun, spot of swimming in the sea and pool to work up an appetite for lunch.

We then jumped on the R-2 bus to downtown cancun to go checkout market 28. This would have been fine other than the fact we got off the bus a little early and had to traipse accross the city in the midday sun. By the time we got to market 28 Eva looked like she was about to collapse so we headed into a random cafe for cokes and ice cream.

After doing a bit of shopping for artifacts and a trip to wal-mart we jumped back on the bus to the hotel

Dinner at Le Destileria, awesome beef, cheese and chorizo tortillas with side helpings of cactus, cocktails and mariachi band.

sounds so romantic except for the fact the after the 3rd mariachi band playing loudly at your table wanting tips- you want to knock them out!


Trip to Xcaret

Never before have we been to a themepark type place that takes 1/2 an hour of explanation from a tour guide on the bus there to help you understand what is going on. Like most mexican things the place seems to be run on a mix chaos and good fun.

Snorkeling was the definite highlight, followed by the Big mexican extravangza show at the end of the day which ranged from classic dance and music through to demonstrations of Mayan games; the fireball hockey was particularly cool.


And relax, nice lay-in followed by swimming in the sea and pool. Afternoon spent lounging in the pool with cocktails.


Trip to Chichen Itza

Early start on the bus and the first stop of the tour is a Cenote (Sink Hole). 5000 of these are located all over the Yucatan Peninsula and are areas where the land has collapsed to reveal the underground rivers/pools carved through the limestone below.

Next stop lunch and finally the Chichen Itza. We were blown away by the history of the place and the mathematics and astronomy used by the Mayans to create their temples.


Relaxing day on the beach and by the hotel pool. Evening spent packing up and getting ready for tomorrows early checkout. Peru, here we come.