Day trip to Cruz de Condors; an amazing view-point for seeing condors fly over the Colca Canyon.

Hike in the afternoon along the canyon edge followed by a relaxing swim in the local hot springs.

Dinner and a show of local dances from the Colca Canyon region


Day spent in Chivay exploring markets in the town before catching the night bus to Cusco


Exploring Cusco we went to the Statue of Christ on the hill (smaller version of Rio’s) where we got a view of the Inca ruin Sacsayhuaman (pronounced like Sexy woman). To get up the hill we took some local transport which was an experience!


The Inca museum, markets, shops and cake eating were the order of the day as we stock up on anything we might need for the Inca trail.


Travelled to Ollantaytambo to explore some ruins have lunch cooked by our tour guide Jose and get ourselves ready for the Inca trail


1st day of the Inca trail, we meet up with our guides and are transported to KM82 to start the trail, here we pick up our walking poles and air mattresses and hand over our duffel bags of cloths to the porters. After passing the first checkpoint we start the trail which is about a 10km walk along the river Urubamba before heading up to our first camp-site

Here we had introductions to our team, 19 porters, 2 cooks and our guides. We cannot express enough how amazing these guys are, the quality of the food and the strength and agility of the porters (who pretty much run the trail carrying everything we need for the 4 day trip) was mind-boggling


2nd day of the Inca trail is by far the hardest as we climb up to just over 4200m in 5 hours to reach Dead Womans Pass before descending over 1000m in two hours to our camp site. Due to the 5AM start the hike was over by 2PM giving us plenty of time to relax and watch bears on the mountains around the camp site before bed. By the time we fell asleep we were both feeling a little broken.


3rd day of the Inca trail is 16k with two high passes and the prettiest section of the walk down through cloud forest and Inca tunnels


Final day of the Inca trail, Woken up by porters at 3AM for breakfast so we could get to the checkpoint and be first in line at 5.30AM when the final stage of the Inca trail opens. Once past the checkpoint it is pretty much a race to the Sun Gate in the hope of getting the best view of Machu Picchu. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and when we arrived the city was cloud covered. Next stop Machu Picchu itself
The city is amazing and we are really glad we got there early before all the other tourists started to arrive by train and bus. The clouds started to lift as we begin our tour and we spend about 4 hours exploring before leaving for lunch