Another Day in La Paz, looking at the local markets, sending some souvenirs home (a real mission – especially as the woman in the post office though we had stolen the oil painting we were trying to post) and getting ready to catch the night bus to Sucre.


We should have arrived in Sucre at 7AM, however due to the road blocks and miners strikes we did not arrive at our hotel until 7PM (Just enough time to head out for dinner)


After a brief introduction to the city/tour from our guide we spent the day wandering round; Found a great Pizzeria for lunch.
In the evening we visited the travel agent to book our biking and hiking tour for the next day.
We then went and watched the film “The Devil’s Miner” about a boy of 14 working in the Cerro Rico mines in Potasi. This was to help us decide if we wanted to visit the mines in person.


Woke early for our biking and hiking tour to “Secret Canyon”. We were back in the city for 4PM which gave us time for shopping before dinner.


Morning spent in Sucre before getting on a bus to go to Potasi. After checking into the hotel there was just enough time to freshen up and head out for something to eat.

The hotel in Potasi is by far the worst we have stayed in on the trip and s we were glad the trip itinerary had changed to spend just one night there.


Trip to the Cerro Rico mines. After stopping to buy gifts for the miners including drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, coca leaves, TNT, Ammonia Nitrate, detonators and fuses we headed to the mines.

Mines are not really my thing, especially when at an altitude of over 4000m as breathing is really difficult so I turned round and came out after a short distance. Eva completed the 1 hour in the mines.

In the afternoon we jumped on another bus to Uyuni (a day earlier than planned as the elections meant no transportation would be running the following day)

Uyuni can be described as a frontier town (a bit like in the wild west) everything off of one main street and by everything I mean not a lot.


Full day spent in Uyuni, not a lot to do here. It is also election day which means the majority of shops, restaurants and cafes are closed for the day. We have managed to find an Internet cafe that is open though, so we are getting the blog bang up to date.