Final day in Cairns spent shopping and going to the cinema to watch New Years Eve.

After dinner we picked up our luggage and made our way to the bus station to catch our first overnight bus in Australia.

It should be noted that Overnight buses in South America turn out to be much better.


Arrived in Airlie beach and checked into our hotel. We headed straight to the pool for a swim and while we sat and ate lunch we enjoyed watching a tropical storm unfold

Spent the afternoon looking around Airlie beach


Arrived at Adventure island resort on south mole island for the start of our time in the Whitsundays

Afternoon spent exploring the island and the resort. The resort appeared quite deserted and a bit overgrown and rundown… however in a way this kind of added to it somehow and in other ways not so much… lol


Day sailing on The Pride of Airlie. This was a bit of a party boat highlighted early on by the pete tong sessions blaring out of the speaker systems… joy

The sea was pretty rough today, boat sailed around and stopped for us to explore Whitehaven beach and go snorkelling where we saw a massive giant clam


Day sailing on Camira, this was a much more relaxed tour than yesterdays with a nice BBQ lunch and free drinks. The boat was pretty awesome and we spent most of the time with the engines off and sails up.

We got to spend a little more time on Whitehaven beach which was good although it did start to rain a little, luckily the weather cleared up before we continued sailing


As much as we loved the fact that we pretty much had south mole island to ourselves we decided to make our way to the nearby Daydream island to make the most of their far more luxurious facilities

This was an awesome decision as all their pools, bars, restaurants and cafes were open


Final day at Adventure island resort was spent taking in the scenery from the network of bush walks which take you all over the island.

One last chance for a swim before we have to catch our ferry back to Airlie beach to catch our overnight bus.