From the Isle of Ilha Grande to the picturesque town of Paraty is where this week has taken us.


After breakfast we packed up, checked out of our accommodation on Ilha Grande and headed to the dock for our transfer back to the Brazilian mainland. Here we would pick up our mini bus transfer to the town of Paraty.

Foe dinner we went to an awesome restaurant called Thai Brazil, really good food.


Day spent exploring the historical part of Paraty. Here the streets are paved with big cobbles and lined with boutique shops, restaurants and ice cream parlors, a really nice place to relax and mooch around.


A quick walk to the beach followed by more time in town, not too much to report, we did get some ice cream. and like everything else in Brazil the like selling that by weight as well!


4 x 4 tour day. Up into the surrounding rain forest to explore some waterfalls and Cachaça distilleries. Cachaça is the national spirit of Brazil, made from sugar cane, and is the key ingredient in the national cocktail, the Caipirinha. to be honest it is best drank in a Caipirinha, straight up it is pretty much like paint stripper lol.

Waterfalls were great and Bill got a chance to slide down one, although not very elegantly done, it was a lot of fun.


Spent the day relaxing on the beach at Jabaquara.


Christmas day. Not much going on in town today as everything was shut. We decided to jump on a boat cruise to take us out to a few island beaches for swimming, snorkeling and general fun in the sun. Really good day out followed by a nice dinner and more drinks in town. Happy Holidays indeed.


Day of jobs and getting ready for our bus to Iguazu falls tomorrow. Laundry and shopping for supplies mixed in with mooching around Paraty and grabbing a bit to eat before heading out to see the famous puppet show!