Waterfalls, saying goodbye to Brazil and hello Argentina


Bus journey to Foz do Iguacu. First bus to Sao Palo was fine, we then had to change and get a different bus to the falls. This journey should have taken 16 hours, however we broke down in the middle of the night and had to wait for a new bus. That new bus then later broke down and we had to wait for it to be fixed before we finally arrived at our destination. All in all we had been on the move for about 28 hours.


Day spent relaxing and trying to catch up on some sleep. This was difficult as the air con unit in our room was broken and the temperature inside was 34 degrees. The hotel was full so we had to put up with the heat all night until we could be moved to a much better room in the morning.


Day at Foz du Iguacu falls. Amazing to see the waterfall, it really is spectacular. We got caught out in a thunderstorm in the morning  and had not taken any waterproofs with us. This meant by 11.30 we were soaked through so we returned to the hotel to grab waterproof gear before venturing back a little later after most of the storm had passed.


Visited the Parque das Avis (bird zoo), got to take some really good close up photographs and Eva held a parrot.


Goodbye Brazil, hello Argentina. We crossed the border and checked into our new hotel. Went for a walk around the town of Puerto Iguazu, mostly to go to the ATM and find the bus stop for the falls. We also though lets go to the local shopping mall and grab a coffee, however when we got there it was deserted and derelict with only one or two shops remaining…. very odd.


Another day at the Falls, this time on the Argentinian side. This is a much bigger area to explore compared with the Brazil side and I think I like it more. Lots more trails to walk, a train ride and great views.


Day spent packing up and getting ready for our 17 hour bus ride to Buenos Aries…. lets hope this one is better than the last.