Next up on our Tour of Yellowstone National Park were the Mammoth Hot Springs and the Bever Ponds Loop Trail.

Mammoth Hot Springs covers a large area of hill-side and there re plenty of wooden walkways to allow you get up close. The coloured terraces have built up over thousands of years from calcium deposits in the spring water. The terraces have dried up a little since an earthquake happened that shifted the location spring of the vent but are still very impressive to see.

After stopping to grab a quick bite to eat we decided to walk the Bever Ponds Loop trail as the trailhead is pretty much next to Mammoth Hot Springs, the weather was awesome and who wouldn’t want a chance to see Bevers in the wild. The walk really nice but sadly we were unlucky with the wildlife, on the one hand this was a good thing as the trail head information board had stated bears had been seen in the area recently.