Yogyakarta is a big city with a younger more vibrant feel about it due to its large student population. We opted to take a rickshaw tour of the city.

Our first stop was a Batik fabric manufacturer where we got to learn about the printing/dying process using wax to stop the dye affecting the fabric and building up in different layers to form complex patterns. We also headed to a Batik art studio where we bought a nice abstract piece and got a chance to chat with the artist.

On the way to the Kraton Palace we stopped in one of the towns squares to try to¬†walk blindfolded between two trees…. this although simple was pretty much impossible!

Kraton Palace was built by the Sultans of Jogya in the 18th century and is regarded as one of the finest examples of Javanese palace architecture.

Next stop lunch, which was really amazing, before moving onto the Taman Sari Water Castle which was built as a pleasure park for the Sultan and somewhere for him to watch his concubines frolicking in the bathing pools.

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